For three decades, ANT Neuromeeting has proudly served as a multi-disciplinary platform for scientific discussions of brain research, diagnostics and treatment. The main goal has remained the same: to bring scientists and clinicians together, enabling them to interact and get inspiration for new developments in their respective fields. 
At our traditional ANT Neuromeeting, experts from all over the world join us for a combination of excellent scientific exchange, opportunities to network and learn from peers, as well as culinary highlights. Participants are able to attend numerous symposiums, workshops and demonstrations of our product portfolio. Together, we learn about the latest advances in neuroscience, neurology, neonatology, artificial intelligence, new technologies, and mental health research, diagnostics and treatment. 
In the fall of 2022, we will organize an on-site ANT Neuromeeting in Berlin, Germany covering three sessions: Neurocare on Thursday, 3 November, Neuroscience on Friday, 4 November, and Innovation on Saturday, 5 November 2022. 
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