A continual innovator, Dr. Stephane Doyen, PhD. MBA, bridges the gap between science and entrepreneurism. With a PhD in Neurosciences and over 30 publications and 45 patents covering topics from machine learning on brain scans to software engineering, Dr. Doyen co-founded a a multi award winning (SXSW 2022, MICCAI 2022) brain-mapping company, Omniscient Neurotechnology, to help doctors delivering enhanced brain. Dr. Doyen is passionate about growing and supporting the organization as Chief Data Scientist and Technology Officer while also remaining hands on, having coded Omniscient’s core algorithms: the Structural Connectivity Atlas and brain patterns detectors for functional brain scans. Prior to his entrepreneurial venture, he led the delivery of enterprise-grade multi-million analytics-based solutions for Fortune 500 organizations as Director of Data Science and AI for Oliver Wyman Labs in Asia and Pacific.​​​​​​​