“Assessing postural control and motion sickness using electrophysiological signals”
In this talk, we present our research project on postural control (PC) and motion sickness (MS), focusing on seasickness as it is the best-known manifestation of MS, at least among Icelanders. Our platform is based on the latest technology that integrates visual and support moving systems based on VR in addition to several biosignals including EEG, EMG, and posturography. Our aim is to establish quantitative indicators of MS and to develop and standardize data-driven tools to extract and predict the MS-prone condition. We will present our latest results on how dynamics of EEG functional brain networks is reconfiguring during this VR environment. We believe that this study will allow the development of several applications such as treatment of MS/seasickness to improve the well-being of those working in a moving environment as experienced at sea, and at the same time increase their safety.