Neonatology/Neurology Symposium
Topic of talk: Modelling brain network dynamics to predict clinical outcomes in epilepsy.
Prof. Mark Richardson completed an undergraduate degree in Medical Sciences at the University of Cambridge, and graduated in Medicine at the University of Oxford, UK. He undertook clinical training in Neurology in London and a PhD at UCL Institute of Neurology, Queen Square. 
Prof. Richardson is the Head of the Division of Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, at King’s College London. His current work focuses on the dynamics of seizure occurrences. This is addressed through two different areas of work: 
(1) using EEG, fMRI, DTI and other data from people with epilepsy and healthy subjects, combined with methods from connectomics and dynamics-on-networks, to model and understand how normal brain activity can make a transition to seizure activity, and 
(2) using wearable and implantable sensor systems in people with epilepsy, combined with time-series analysis methods, to track the trajectory of epilepsy-relevant brain states, with a view to automatically detect and predict clinical endpoints.