Louis Mayaud is currently leading technology and innovation at Rhythm Diagnostic Systems (RDS) the leading vital sign monitoring company. He earned a D.Phil. in Healthcare Innovation from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) at University of Oxford. This work was completed with the MIMIC-3 relational database at Harvard-MIT and using evolutionary methods such as Genetic Algorithm for concomitant feature selection and non-convex parameter optimisation. During his time, Louis was principal investigator of a project aiming at the transfer of communication Brain-Computer Interface to the bedside of Locked In Syndrome ICU patients. During the 5 years that followed, Louis orchestrated in-silico and clinical innovation at Mensia Technologies, the emerging leader of home-based neuropsychiatric medical devices. Specifically, he instigated and supervised the three-year-long NEWROFFED European Project (H2020 SME biomarker - €3.6m). This international initiative led to the most ambitious multi-centric randomised controlled trial in the field to date and the CE clearance of the first medical device (class IIa) for the home-based treatment of attention disorders (ADHD).