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In 2019 we were honoured with the presence of renowned session leaders and keynote speakers from all over the world. We want to thank the scientific committee for their dedicated participation, intellectual expertise and their high-quality presentations.

Dr. Michael E. Funke
Dr. Stefano SeriDr. Travis Baker
Dr. Travis Baker
Dr. Daniel Javitt
Dr. John Foxe
Prof. Dr. Klaus Kessler
Dr. Olga Dragoy
Dr. Micah Murray
Prof. Dr. Jens Haueisen
Dr. Elsa Kirchner

Neurology/Neonatology Symposium:
Dr. Michael E. FunkeDr. Stefano Seri
Mental Health Symposium:
Dr. Travis Baker - Dr. Daniel Javitt
Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Symposium:
Dr. John Foxe - Prof. Dr. Klaus Kessler
Neuroscience Symposium:
Dr. Olga DragoyDr. Micah Murray
New Technologies Symposium:
Prof. Dr. Jens Haueisen - Dr. Elsa Kirchner