Speakers 2022

Prof. Dr. Jacinta O'Shea
"Neural bases of individual differences in sensorimotor plasticity"
Dr. Marzia De Lucia
"Cardiac and auditory regularity encoding in human wakefulness, sleep and coma"
Prof. Dr. Tonio Ball
NeuroMentum AI GmbH Freiburg Department of Neurosurgery, University Medical Center Freiburg
Prof. Giulio Bernardi
"Sensory processing during sleep and dreams"
Martin Brunovsky M.D., Ph.D.
"Neurobiological effect of psychedelics – from animal EEG research to the measurement of human inter-brain connectivity during Ayahuasca ceremony in indigenous setting"
Prof. Dr. Guy Cheron
Brain sources of the theta EEG rhythm underlying inhibitory control and replanning in active navigation in the Virtual House Locomotor Maze
Prof. Patrique Fiedler
EEG in health monitoring for long-term spaceflight
Prof. Dr. Klaus Gramann
"Combining Mobile Brain/Body Imaging with Virtual Reality – new prospects for ecological investigations of human brain function"
Prof. Dr. Jens Haueisen
"Flower electrodes for comfortable dry electroencephalography"
Dr. Geertjan Huiskamp
"Optimal closed loop cortical stimulation therapy in patients with focal epilepsy in primary motor cortex"
Vincent Jonany
"Assessment of single-trial evoked brain oscillations targeted by transcranial alternating current stimulation using optically-pumped magnetometry"
Prof. Dr. Elsa Kirchner
"From SPACE to HEALTH and Back"
Prof. Thomas Knösche
"Transcranial magnetic stimulation - mapping, targeting, and computational modeling"​​​​​
Prof. Edmund Lalor
"Modelling the electrophysiology of hierarchical speech and language processing"
Dr. Justus Marquetand, MD
"Sponge EEG is equivalent regarding signal quality, but faster than routine EEG"
Casper Montgomery
"Measuring the Effects of Amazonian Ayahuasca Retreats with EEG: The Challenges and Rewards of Naturalistic Neuroscience"
Dr. Wouter Potters
"EEG based triage of stroke patients in the ambulance"
Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Michel
"EEG microstates as a tool to capture brain network dynamics"
Caspar Montgomery
"Measuring the Effects of Amazonian Ayahuasca Retreats with EEG: The Challenges and Rewards of Naturalistic Neuroscience"
M.Sc. Hannes Oppermann
"Transient events in single-trial EEG during photic driving"
Dr. Guido Orgs
"The Neurocognition of Liveness"
Dr. Tilmann Sander-Thömmes
"Optically pumped magnetometers for neuroscience - disruptive or evolutionary?"
Prof. Surjo Soekadar, MD
"Frontiers in Non-invasive Brain Stimulation: Clinical Applications and Future Directions"
Dr. Caroline Tscherpel
"Motor reorganization after stroke: From pathophysiology to treatment strategies"
Alvaro Medrano
"Theories of Consciousness, the need for the Computational Correlate of Consciousness (CCC)"
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Uhlhaas
"Gamma-Band Oscillations and Schizophrenia: A Translational and Developmental Perspective"
Prof. Dr. Jitka Veldema
"Non-invasive brain stimulation in supporting motor abilities in stroke patients and healthy people."
Dr. Frank Zanow
"Inspiring technology for the human brain: ANT’s journey in shaping the future of neurotechnology"